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Healing Family Chiropractic is passionate, skilled and gives their all to their patients. Take a look below and also check out Yelp and Google Reviews and you’ll soon understand why you should be scheduling your appointments with Healing Family Chiropractic as well.

Patient Testimonials: Testimonials

My sciatica was so bad at 32 weeks I could barely walk. I saw Dr. Jasmine Joseph and had instant relief and was “cured” within 3 visits. I still see her now postpartum and she is now operating in Dr. Guirguis Fayez’s office on 3rd street in between 7th and 8th.

Park Slope Parents Club

I am writing this review after our second visit with Dr. Jasmine Joseph today. Our son, 11 months, has had recurrent ear infections and I wanted to make sure we explored all options before thinking about tubes for his ears. We came here specifically because Dr. Joseph has extensive experience working with children and infants. I can highly recommend seeing her. She cares very deeply about her patients and has helped our family very much already. She made my baby feel completely comfortable during the adjustment and he is already doing much better than before. But it wasn't only the great chiropractic care that impressed me but how she looked at our whole way of doing things and her many great suggestions about different steps that we could take to improve his health. She has done a lot of research into our specific issues and has benefited our whole family. 
Her office is in a great location. It's very clean but still cozy. Scheduling the appointments was easy and she is very well organized. 
We are extremely grateful to Dr. Joseph for the excellent care she has given our son and will definitely come back whenever we are in need of chiropractic care.

Janine S.

I was suddenly struck with extreme lower back, butt and leg pain in my last month of pregnancy. I could barely walk and I was in constant pain no matter what position I was in.  In desperation, I went to the 1st available random chiropractor in my area. They spent 2 seconds on me and hardly did anything. I left in the same pain with no improvement over the next days.  So I turned to my neighborhood's parent group for advice and several women highly recommended Dr. Jasmine Joseph, calling her a miracle worker.  At my first session it was clear she was a professional who cared, spent time understanding my background and the pain.  She administered a series of adjustments and other procedures over several sessions.  After a few sessions, I was walking better again and having less pain, until ultimately I was able to walk normally again and pain was no longer dominating my life. I gave birth to my 1st child 1 week after my last session. I could not have been happier with how well delivery went and believe her work contributed to that.  Definitely go to her!  I don't give great reviews unless I truly mean it. I consider her a friend now because she was so interested in me as a person and my baby and gave me great advice when it was really needed.

Elizabeth N.

I started seeing Jasmine at the beginning of my 3rd trimester when I began experiencing lower back and pelvic discomfort. Jasmine is extremely tentative and pays close attention to your symptoms. After 2 visits with Jasmine, she corrected my hip alignment and I became more much more mobile! It was a miracle. I continue to see Jasmine to stay aligned and comfortable as I near the end of my pregnancy. I highly recommend Jasmine for treatment, pregnant or not!

Aimee L.

I've been suffering from chronic headaches, neck and upper back pain for years now due to muscle tension and what I do for work.  I've been to 3 different chiropractors in the city, and Dr. Jasmine is the BEST by far!  She knows exactly what my body needs, and has a calming, comfortable space to do it.  She's also just a straight up wonderful person and it's obvious how passionate she is about making people feel better and get on the path to less pain.  Finding a good chiropractor is not easy, and I recommend Jasmine to every single one of my friends/colleagues who deals with chronic back or neck issues.  She's just amazing, I leave every appointment feeling like a new woman!

Sarah S

I have taken myself and my 3 kids for chiropractic care over the years and when we visited Dr Jasmine for the first time we knew we found a very special chiropractor.  Not only is she warm, kind, and personable, she is the most skilled chiropractor I have ever experienced.  She spends time with me and each of my children to know and understand our ailments or concerns.  Her hands are truly magical, and we feel so lucky to have met her and to get care from her.  My eldest comes back from college frequently and makes certain that while she is back, she gets an adjustment from Dr Jasmine.  (Sidenote: I have never written a yelp review, but she has been so life changing with her care for me and my family that I need to loudly sing her praises.)

Angela S

I was referred to Dr. Jasmine Joseph during my 33rd week of pregnancy because my baby was transverse breech. Using the Webster Technique Dr. Joseph helped my baby turn into a head down position, ideal for delivery, after 3 sessions. Not only did I get the result I wanted, I used the appointments to help reconnect with my body. Dr. Joseph is very nurturing and calm, and integrated mind-body practices into the treatment. She takes her time and offers the emotional support needed to relax in your body. Additionally, she gave me tips on sleeping positions, stretches, and gentle exercises. I could not be happier with my treatment! It's such a relief to spend the rest of my pregnancy knowing I did everything I could to help my baby have a smooth transition into the world.

Jill D

Dr Jasmine is a great chiropractor. She cares about her patients and I noticed this because of the time she takes with each appointment. I've been to chiropractors before that quickly adjust you or simply use a massage machine and that's it. Dr Jasmine takes the time to warm up the body, describe what she sees and then makes proper adjustment. There is a lot of care and attention. I went in after experiencing intense back pain which traveled down my leg. Dr Jasmine has successfully relieved this issue for me. I recommend her for anyone in the Brooklyn area!

Beth F


71 8th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217


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